Since I was a child, I always loved the arts and visual arts like movies, music videos and series. Although I was a good student, and I always loved to learn new things, I never fit into the formal education system and I could never imagine myself inside a university. I admire who can fit into the academic, but it was not my case. I have always been self taught and I ended up doing several  courses in painting, sculpture, drawing, English, Body Piercing (believe it was the one I did for most of my life, I worked for more than a decade inside tattoo studios and piercing and I also consider an art) and now One Year film school That was a dream for so long in my life! 

I found in filmmaking a way to express myself artistically in a complex and passionate way. I have many stories to tell, to transform into audiovisual content and thus share little bits of me in movies. I left home early to live in Boston-USA, at the time just wanted to be independent and have money to buy art painting material. Oh and stay fluent in English. Later I lived in Viña del mar/Val Paraiso - Chile, Paraty - Rio de Janeiro, Porto Seguro/Arraial D'Ajuda - Bahia. The last years I've been in London - UK for a month and In Christiansburg/VA - USA. I went back to Curitiba. In the filmmaking, although I have less than a year of experience, they were very intense months, and I dedicated myself to the projects. I've both scripted and idealized. 

Now I'm looking forward for new projects, new jobs, new people and new filmmaking experiences.

© 2017 Viv Bruschz - Curitiba/Paraná/Brasil
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